Welcome to Winbows XP (professional). It's a fun web experience (hosted on Neocities! :D) that brings back that nostalgic feel of technology from the early 2000s. This project is continuously growing. Developed & maintaned by Xobyte, this web application is written entirely in client-side JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This is not supposed to be a copy of Windows XP, nor an emulator, but rather a fun gimmick with heavy ispiration from the classic Windows XP desktop environment. I do give Microsoft credit for several resources used to create this such as, system icons and the Windows logo. but everything else has been designed by me using CSS. Snoop around, but most importantly have fun!

Note: some windows have been minimized to keep things neat & clean, feel free to explore the opened tabs!

Hosted by Neocities

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News & Updates

Fixed some bugs on windows being stuck hidden when using the taskbar to toggle the window view. (Dec. 15, 2023)

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